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81. MHT 154 MHT 154 Detailed list of slaves and other items inherited by Ali from his father.

82. MHT 172 MHT 172 Account of inventory and distribution of the personal property of the deceased, Bashir ibn Amir Yakat.

83. MHT 9 MHT 9 Power of attorney issued to Muhammad ibn Anbirakat al-Takki for all assets held in Timbuktu.

84. MHT 117 MHT 117 Testimony ascertaining the good physical condition of a slave. Evaluation of slaves

85. MHT 152 MHT 152 Record of land appropriated to Kalsak ibn Bali, prince of Buram, to be transferred to his son and grandson after his death.

86. MHT 106 MHT 106 Letter requesting addressee to buy a female slave for the sender and deduct her cost and all other expenses from the land's harvest. Verso is letter from same sender disagreeing with terms of purchase....

87. MHT 105 MHT 105 Slaves as collateral for a loan. Verso contains an inscription. Slaves as collateral

88. MHT 151 MHT 151 Letter to Ahmad ibn Muhammad regarding a complaint about some of their female slaves. Verso summary of letter in modern Arabic.

89. MHT 189 MHT 189 Bargaining over a female slave between Qayid ibn Bab Sayyid and his sister Ya bint Baba Sayyid. Bargaining

90. MHT 150 MHT 150

91. MHT 190 MHT 190 Account of the events revolving around the sale of a female slave Selling slaves

92. MHT 15 MHT 15 Legible whole words: line 1 refers to the name, Ahmad, ruler of [..] -- line 2 […] Allah willing.

93. MHT 148 MHT 148 Power of attorney over a female slave

94. MHT 119 MHT 119 Letter to a judge. Document is cropped. Reference to a slave owned by writer's sister. Verso contains an illustration.

95. MHT 194 MHT 194 Question and answer about legitimacy of deceased husband's inheritance in claiming part of the deceased wife's assets.

96. MHT 146 MHT 146 Record of leaving as collateral a slave and a servant for the sum of 15 gold weights.

97. MHT 196 MHT 196 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, al-Madan (full name not available). NOTE: Seems to be a continuation of a missing page.

98. MHT 145 MHT 145

99. MHT 198 MHT 198 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased -- appears to be a portion of a document.

100. MHT 202 MHT 202 Record of various people taking into their charge slaves and other forms of property.
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