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61. MHT 153 MHT 153 Evaluation of estate of the deceased Ahmad ibn al-Qaid and distribution of the inheritance among his inheritors. 1932

62. MHT 154 MHT 154 Detailed list of slaves and other items inherited by Ali from his father.

63. MHT 155 MHT 155 Letter. Account of distribution of inheritance to beneficiaries.

64. MHT 156 MHT 156 Record of purchase of a female slave, who was freed by her new master. 1899

65. MHT 157 MHT 157 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Bab Muhammad ibn al-Qayid Muhammad al-Sanawari. Monetary units used are Francs and Riyals. 1902

66. MHT 158 MHT 158 Record of transfer of ownership of 2 female slaves to donor's daughters. This portion of document is statement by notary in confirmation of its contents. 1857 or 1858 Ownership of slaves; Slaves as gifts

67. MHT 159 MHT 159 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Fatimah Darambi bint Bab Uthman.

68. MHT 16 MHT 16 Document is cropped. Visible section showing exchange of property items: camel, cow and male slave following death of a person. Property dispute

69. MHT 160 MHT 160 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Naniya Bab Sayyid. 1900

70. MHT 161 MHT 161 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Nuh Sahib al-Shaykh.

71. MHT 162 MHT 162

72. MHT 163 MHT 163 Account of appropriation of assets to wife and children 1952 Transfer of property

73. MHT 164 MHT 164 Record of reconciliation between brother and sister over property dispute. Reconciliation; Property disputes

74. MHT 165 MHT 165 Letter to Ahmad Baba ibn Abi al-Abbas. Record of female slave given as a gift. Slaves as gifts

75. MHT 166 MHT 166 Record of various transactions in the purchase and sale of assets. Transactions

76. MHT 167 MHT 167 Confirmation that Ammar ibn Sayyid Ali issued a third of his assets to his son Ahmad, and that he gave his daughter 2 female slaves. 1866 Assets; Sharing

77. MHT 168 MHT 168 Letter to Sub[hi?] ibn Sayyid Zayyan informing him that the servant that addressee's mother had sent him, confirming that the servant is not in his house.

78. MHT 169 MHT 169 Letter to Karam Sayyid Zayn. Letter asks about slave that writer sent to Zaynan.

79. MHT 17 MHT 17 Dispute over ownership of a donkey Property dispute

80. MHT 170 MHT 170 Letter. Addressee unknown. Account of dispute over ownership of a slave. Property disputes
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