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61. MHT 142 MHT 142 Letter to Umar ibn Jitar regarding delivery of grain.

62. MHT 14 MHT 14 Purchase of a young slave as gift for a daughter. Slaves as gifts

63. MHT 140 MHT 140 Inventory and evaluation of the belongings of a deceased woman, Lul Kulthum bin Abd al-Malik.

64. MHT 141 MHT 141 Official evuluation and inventory of the estate of a deceased man, Ba Barak ibn al-Madan Shibl, presided by a judge, Ahmad Bab ibn Abi al-Abbas. Detailed account of distribution of estate among inheritors.... 1900

65. MHT 134 MHT 134 Record of gift from a father to his daughter, including a 3 year old slave girl.

66. MHT 139 MHT 139 Record that Alal ibn Sayyid Muhammad ibn al-Habib granted to his wife his female slave as a gift for the purpose of reconciliation. 1898 Reconciliation; Disputes

67. MHT 137 MHT 137 Letter to Uthman al-Alam regarding a female slave as part of an inheritance.

68. MHT 204 MHT 204 Account of shares in an inheritance issued to a few individuals. Document appears to be part of a larger document.

69. MHT 145 MHT 145

70. MHT 146 MHT 146 Record of leaving as collateral a slave and a servant for the sum of 15 gold weights.

71. MHT 149 MHT 149 Mutilation of a female slave who bled to death. 1868 or 1968

72. MHT 147 MHT 147 Record of freeing of a slave. 1914 or 1915

73. MHT 36 MHT 36 Letter to a judge (Sayyid Ibn Bab al-Hajj) requesting judgment over a dispute with another person. Verso contains addressee's name and [address?] Disputes

74. MHT 35 MHT 35 Record of distribution of inheritance. 1668/9?

75. MHT 33 MHT 33 Lines struck through over text. Appears to be record of giving of rice and other grains to a female slave named Linat Ghummu, owned by Ibrahim ibn Bint […] Verso contains a religious phrase.

76. MHT 31 MHT 31 Distribution of the inheritance of Muhammad al-Mudan among his family, including his two wives, sons, daughters, nephews, brothers. A detailed account of the shares of the estate and the recipients' names.... Inheritance

77. MHT 148 MHT 148 Power of attorney over a female slave

78. MHT 29 MHT 29 Letter containing an issue of exoneration for Abdal ibn Didaw, (recipient of letter). Courrier instructed to read letter to recipient. Verso contains addressee's name (Abdal ibn Didaw). Exoneration

79. MHT 151 MHT 151 Letter to Ahmad ibn Muhammad regarding a complaint about some of their female slaves. Verso summary of letter in modern Arabic.

80. MHT 152 MHT 152 Record of land appropriated to Kalsak ibn Bali, prince of Buram, to be transferred to his son and grandson after his death.
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