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41. MHT 131 MHT 131 Record of freeing of a female slave by her owner. NOTE: A slip of paper written in modern Arabic script summarizes the contents of the document.

42. MHT 79 MHT 79 Record of freeing of a female slave by her two owners, for religious atonement. Verso contains the name of a signatory confirming the religious wish for redemption. 1955 or 1956

43. MHT 43 MHT 43 Record of evaluation of estate and distribution of inheritance following death of Buti ibn Bandi ibn Jinu -- mostly slaves and rice fields a copy of the Koran.

44. MHT 56 MHT 56 Record of evaluation of estate and distribution of inheritance, including settlement of debts, following death of Ahmad ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Ismail .. .

45. MHT 193 MHT 193 Record of donating a house by Bint Fandagham to her freedman Muhammad al-Mahan, declaring full ownership. Verso contains scribe's signature. 1905

46. MHT 175 MHT 175 Record of donating a female slave by a man to his wife 1875

47. MHT 35 MHT 35 Record of distribution of inheritance. 1668/9?

48. MHT 69 MHT 69 Record of distribution of gold among the inheritors, with listing of names and individual amounts. Manuscript also records a dispute among those not included as beneficiaries, followed by the words of... Property disputes

49. MHT 87 MHT 87 Record of distribution of estate of a deceased woman after deducting debts to her creditors. Inheritance

50. MHT 53 MHT 53 Record of despatch of goods and money to various individuals Business transactions

51. MHT 49 MHT 49 Record of death of Muhammad ibn Sanbapar and detailed inventory and evaluation of estate with names of inheritors. 1897 or 1898

52. MHT 191 MHT 191 Record of damage to property caused by Sarriyah, daughter of Ghadad ibn Suyuti al-Tanbakti and compensation through purchase of damaged property. 1871 or 1872

53. MHT 64 MHT 64 Record of creator's gift of a slave and her son to his wife, as a sign of good will. Detailed description of the female slave. Text includes detailed explanation of ownership status of slaves in Islam.... 1838 Ownership of slaves

54. MHT 55 MHT 55 Record of claiming of ownership of slave from one Sayyid Bab Ahmad 1890 or 1891

55. MHT 59 MHT 59 Record of change of testimony following dispute over a servant, corroborated by witnesses. Property disputes

56. MHT 122 MHT 122 Record of a transaction involving two slaves, interrupted by illness of one of the parties. Business transactions

57. MHT 194 MHT 194 Question and answer about legitimacy of deceased husband's inheritance in claiming part of the deceased wife's assets.

58. MHT 14 MHT 14 Purchase of a young slave as gift for a daughter. Slaves as gifts

59. MHT 65 MHT 65 Purchase of a slave who was part of an inheritance 12-- H [between 1785 and 1885] Purchasing slaves

60. MHT 192 MHT 192 Purchase and amounts owed. Verso contains document creator's signature. 1880 Purchases
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