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41. MHT 123 MHT 123 Letter to Tijani ibn S. Muhammad. Deals with marriage of a female slave, and dispute over ownership of her children. Property dispute

42. MHT 220 MHT 220 Account of miscellaneous trading activities including slave trading, leather, gum Arabic, and other items. Trade conducted in gold and wad'ahs. Includes a summary of the document in modern Arabic.

43. MHT 22 MHT 22 Judgment in a dispute between a man and a woman over a female slave, granting the man's share to the woman. Property dispute; distribution

44. MHT 218 MHT 218 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Abu Bakr ibn Mundh[ir?] Muhammad.

45. MHT 124 MHT 124 Transfer of ownership of a female slave 1904 Ownership of slaves

46. MHT 216 MHT 216 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Muhammad al-Madar ibn Buss. This could be a continuation of other records of estate distribution concerning Ibn Buss. Note: Text appears...

47. MHT 128 MHT 128 Record of various payments to settle debts and in exchange for slaves.

48. MHT 129 MHT 129 Letter to addressed to her father regarding payments in gold weights for purchase of jewelry. [1937?]

49. MHT 13 MHT 13 Dispute between brothers over ownership of a slave Property dispute

50. MHT 130 MHT 130 Letter with detailed account of various purchases. Purchases

51. MHT 131 MHT 131 Record of freeing of a female slave by her owner. NOTE: A slip of paper written in modern Arabic script summarizes the contents of the document.

52. MHT 132 MHT 132 Letter to writer's father Ali ibn Sayyid Ziya[n?] al-Sharif, sending him a young female slave and sundry items, including rice. Slaves as gifts

53. MHT 133 MHT 133 Letter to Ali ibn Sayyid Zayyan.

54. MHT 143 MHT 143 Declaration of distribution of alms tax during Eid al-Fitr Zakat; Id al-Fitr; Mali.

55. MHT 136 MHT 136 Detailed estate inventory and evaluation, with distribution to beficiaries. Deceased: Muhammad al-Mukhtar ibn Muhammad al-Amin ibn al-Khaliq al-Rami. Procedures carried out before a judge. [1899?] Executors and administrators; Mali

56. MHT 28 MHT 28 Letter from Muhammad al-Salih to Ahmad Baba describing attack on Salih's slave. Verso bears seal with ""Ahmad Baba"" inscribed on it. Appears to be a confirmation of Salih's letter.

57. MHT 27 MHT 27

58. MHT 25 MHT 25 Exchange of money, rice, and semi-precious stones between a master and his female slave. Slave's relations to master

59. MHT 23 MHT 23 Dispute over the value of a female slave as part of the inheritance left by the deceased. Detailed account of events involved in this dispute, along with accounts of what was said. Dispute is between the... 1901 or 1902 Property disputes; Disposition of property

60. MHT 135 MHT 135 Detailed estate inventory and evaluation, with distribution to beficiaries. Deceased: Arif ibn Muhammad
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