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21. MHT 21 MHT 21 Distribution of slave's value among family members. Property distribution

22. MHT 108 MHT 108 Letter to Muhammad al-Tahir ibn Muhammad Ahmad. Refers to someone following a group in their travel.

23. MHT 208 MHT 208 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Hamm Abu Bakr. Judge settled dispute among inheritors.

24. MHT 11 MHT 11 Distribution of slaves and livestock among daughers Fatimah and Umm Kulthum, and son Muhammad al-Bashir. 1931 or 1932 Property distribution

25. MHT 111 MHT 111 Letter to writer's sons relieving them of debts with slaves.

26. MHT 112 MHT 112 Letter to Ahmad ibn Umar. Response to a request to transfer ownership of a female slave from one person to another, and the dispute that followed.

27. MHT 113 MHT 113 Account of debt expressed in value of slaves. 1896 or 1897

28. MHT 116 MHT 116 Record of receipt of money in exchange for a servant, and distribution of the amount among partners. Selling servants

29. MHT 114 MHT 114 Payment for a female slave as collateral 1895

30. MHT 215 MHT 215 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Muhammad al-Madar ibn Buss. 1866

31. MHT 214 MHT 214 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased whose name does not appear on the document.

32. MHT 115 MHT 115 Records of transfer of ownership of slaves and camels by individuals to their sons. 1893 Ownership of slaves

33. MHT 212 MHT 212 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, al-Imam Ibn Bunti. 1904

34. MHT 117 MHT 117 Testimony ascertaining the good physical condition of a slave. Evaluation of slaves

35. MHT 119 MHT 119 Letter to a judge. Document is cropped. Reference to a slave owned by writer's sister. Verso contains an illustration.

36. MHT 12 MHT 12 Testament of [Aliyah?] bint Yahya that she gave possession to her nephew Isa ibn Muhammad ibn al-Mawlud her share of books left to her by her father and her share of what her daughter had given to her;... 1941 Property distribution

37. MHT 120 MHT 120 Record of request by woman to scribe to document something. No specific apparent subject.

38. MHT 121 MHT 121 Letter to a Timbuktu judge.Request for transfer of debts from a freed female slave to the writer. Verso contains addressee's name and [name of letter carrier?]

39. MHT 122 MHT 122 Record of a transaction involving two slaves, interrupted by illness of one of the parties. Business transactions

40. MHT 125 MHT 125 Letter regarding jewels as value for a female slave.
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