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141. MHT 32 MHT 32 Declaration that Fatimah bint Abd al-Rahman gave her slave as a gift to her daughter. 1891

142. MHT 86 MHT 86 Declaration of freedom grated by a mistress to her female slave.

143. MHT 47 MHT 47 Declaration of freedom granted by Yaqub ibn al-Fa al-Amin to his slaves and their daughters, and that their affairs are to be dealt with by the son of the owner.

144. MHT 143 MHT 143 Declaration of distribution of alms tax during Eid al-Fitr Zakat; Id al-Fitr; Mali.

145. MHT 1 MHT 1 Declaration of a list of slaves with their individual values as part of inheritance left for the son of Ibrahim ibn al-Fa, with confirmation of receipt. Inheritance; Slaves; Africa; sources and documents

146. MHT 19 MHT 19 Creator left for his sister full ownership of male slave and 2/3 ownership of a cow to her uncle, the remaining 1/3 going to his mother. 1911 Estate distribution

147. MHT 167 MHT 167 Confirmation that Ammar ibn Sayyid Ali issued a third of his assets to his son Ahmad, and that he gave his daughter 2 female slaves. 1866 Assets; Sharing

148. MHT 46 MHT 46 Charges against someone who assaulted a slave and sold her. The claim is for 15 sabuns. Top right stamp impression showing word ""wuld"" (son/sons of) 1905 Legal claims; Assault

149. MHT 20 MHT 20 Change of appraisal of value of slave from 22 to 30 gold weights due to her giving birth to a child.

150. MHT 189 MHT 189 Bargaining over a female slave between Qayid ibn Bab Sayyid and his sister Ya bint Baba Sayyid. Bargaining

151. MHT 91 MHT 91 Appears to be continuation of another page. Document details account of items given to sons of certain individuals.

152. MHT 26 MHT 26 Appears to be a letter regarding value given in exchange for slaves and cattle.

153. MHT 107 MHT 107 Addressee: Ahmad Baba ibn Sidab al-Abbas. Several subjects.

154. MHT 110 MHT 110 Account of two slaves appropriated illegaly. Ownership of slaves

155. MHT 190 MHT 190 Account of the events revolving around the sale of a female slave Selling slaves

156. MHT 204 MHT 204 Account of shares in an inheritance issued to a few individuals. Document appears to be part of a larger document.

157. MHT 220 MHT 220 Account of miscellaneous trading activities including slave trading, leather, gum Arabic, and other items. Trade conducted in gold and wad'ahs. Includes a summary of the document in modern Arabic.

158. MHT 213 MHT 213 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased whose name does not appear on the document.

159. MHT 161 MHT 161 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Nuh Sahib al-Shaykh.

160. MHT 171 MHT 171 Account of inventory and distribution of the personal property of the deceased, Ammar wuld al-Bashar.
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