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121. MHT 126 MHT 126 Letter to Ibrahim wuld Iswaylid al-Takni, requesting him to purchase slaves from their present owner. Purchasing slaves

122. MHT 169 MHT 169 Letter to Karam Sayyid Zayn. Letter asks about slave that writer sent to Zaynan.

123. MHT 108 MHT 108 Letter to Muhammad al-Tahir ibn Muhammad Ahmad. Refers to someone following a group in their travel.

124. MHT 37 MHT 37 Letter to Muhammad ibn Isa, requesting to transfer ownership of young slave from sons of Uthman to Muhammad Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad al-Shaykh. Transfer of ownership

125. MHT 168 MHT 168 Letter to Sub[hi?] ibn Sayyid Zayyan informing him that the servant that addressee's mother had sent him, confirming that the servant is not in his house.

126. MHT 123 MHT 123 Letter to Tijani ibn S. Muhammad. Deals with marriage of a female slave, and dispute over ownership of her children. Property dispute

127. MHT 142 MHT 142 Letter to Umar ibn Jitar regarding delivery of grain.

128. MHT 137 MHT 137 Letter to Uthman al-Alam regarding a female slave as part of an inheritance.

129. MHT 132 MHT 132 Letter to writer's father Ali ibn Sayyid Ziya[n?] al-Sharif, sending him a young female slave and sundry items, including rice. Slaves as gifts

130. MHT 111 MHT 111 Letter to writer's sons relieving them of debts with slaves.

131. MHT 95 MHT 95 Letter with an item of clothing as a gift.

132. MHT 130 MHT 130 Letter with detailed account of various purchases. Purchases

133. MHT 155 MHT 155 Letter. Account of distribution of inheritance to beneficiaries.

134. MHT 84 MHT 84 Letter. Addressee is Ahmad Abu al-Abbas. Appears to be brother of writer. Personal letter.

135. MHT 170 MHT 170 Letter. Addressee unknown. Account of dispute over ownership of a slave. Property disputes

136. MHT 88 MHT 88 Letter. Addressee: Amir ibn al-Amir. Subject of letter is about a female slave.

137. MHT 94 MHT 94 Letter. Appears to be a reply to a request for clemency, granting clemency to person in question. Verso contains the reply letter.

138. MHT 74 MHT 74 Letter. Subject not clear. The term ""slave"" used once. Possibly out of context. Verso is request for urgent reply.

139. MHT 50 MHT 50 Letter.Complaints and other matters. Addressee: Ahmad ibn Mahmud al-Nasiri.

140. MHT 33 MHT 33 Lines struck through over text. Appears to be record of giving of rice and other grains to a female slave named Linat Ghummu, owned by Ibrahim ibn Bint […] Verso contains a religious phrase.
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