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101. MHT 29 MHT 29 Letter containing an issue of exoneration for Abdal ibn Didaw, (recipient of letter). Courrier instructed to read letter to recipient. Verso contains addressee's name (Abdal ibn Didaw). Exoneration

102. MHT 28 MHT 28 Letter from Muhammad al-Salih to Ahmad Baba describing attack on Salih's slave. Verso bears seal with ""Ahmad Baba"" inscribed on it. Appears to be a confirmation of Salih's letter.

103. MHT 103 MHT 103 Letter from someone asking for pardon, and requesting permission to have a slave enter into a marriage contract with another one. Author's name cropped. Addressee: Uthman Sishi. Verso of letter contains...

104. MHT 125 MHT 125 Letter regarding jewels as value for a female slave.

105. MHT 106 MHT 106 Letter requesting addressee to buy a female slave for the sender and deduct her cost and all other expenses from the land's harvest. Verso is letter from same sender disagreeing with terms of purchase....

106. MHT 96 MHT 96 Letter to […] Sayyid Ahmad and Muhammad ibn Sayyid. Tells about money collected following death of a woman, with an account as to amount left after deduction of debts. Verso contains names and addresses....

107. MHT 99 MHT 99 Letter to [Abd al-Rahman] requesting return of sender's slave with the letter carrier. Verso contains the reply to Ibn Abu al-Abbas communicating that the slave has been married to a free woman and stating... Ownership of slaves

108. MHT 36 MHT 36 Letter to a judge (Sayyid Ibn Bab al-Hajj) requesting judgment over a dispute with another person. Verso contains addressee's name and [address?] Disputes

109. MHT 119 MHT 119 Letter to a judge. Document is cropped. Reference to a slave owned by writer's sister. Verso contains an illustration.

110. MHT 83 MHT 83 Letter to a son. Telling of a dispute between the writer and another person over a female slave. Verso contains addressee's name. Property disputes

111. MHT 121 MHT 121 Letter to a Timbuktu judge.Request for transfer of debts from a freed female slave to the writer. Verso contains addressee's name and [name of letter carrier?]

112. MHT 75 MHT 75 Letter to Abu al-Abbas ibn Umar. Trading of rice. Quantities specified. Addressee's name on bottom right of verso.

113. MHT 129 MHT 129 Letter to addressed to her father regarding payments in gold weights for purchase of jewelry. [1937?]

114. MHT 173 MHT 173 Letter to Afdal bani Adnan. Subject is marrying a female slave and granting her her freedom. 1946 or 1947

115. MHT 165 MHT 165 Letter to Ahmad Baba ibn Abi al-Abbas. Record of female slave given as a gift. Slaves as gifts

116. MHT 93 MHT 93 Letter to Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad. Asks forgiveness for one Malik. Verso contains name of the messenger Ahmad ibn […]

117. MHT 151 MHT 151 Letter to Ahmad ibn Muhammad regarding a complaint about some of their female slaves. Verso summary of letter in modern Arabic.

118. MHT 97 MHT 97 Letter to Ahmad ibn Umar about ownership dispute over a female slave, requesting a judgment. Ownership of slaves; Property disputes

119. MHT 112 MHT 112 Letter to Ahmad ibn Umar. Response to a request to transfer ownership of a female slave from one person to another, and the dispute that followed.

120. MHT 133 MHT 133 Letter to Ali ibn Sayyid Zayyan.
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