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101. MHT 120 MHT 120 Record of request by woman to scribe to document something. No specific apparent subject.

102. MHT 137 MHT 137 Letter to Uthman al-Alam regarding a female slave as part of an inheritance.

103. MHT 14 MHT 14 Purchase of a young slave as gift for a daughter. Slaves as gifts

104. MHT 121 MHT 121 Letter to a Timbuktu judge.Request for transfer of debts from a freed female slave to the writer. Verso contains addressee's name and [name of letter carrier?]

105. MHT 101 MHT 101 Dispute over the status of a female slave who was given as a present and pushed into prostitution by the new owner. Original owner claims the gift is no longer valid. Slaves as gifts; Disputes

106. MHT 169 MHT 169 Letter to Karam Sayyid Zayn. Letter asks about slave that writer sent to Zaynan.

107. MHT 100 MHT 100 Instructions issued by slaveowner that his female slave should be set free after his death, and that she should not be considered as part of his estate.

108. MHT 133 MHT 133 Letter to Ali ibn Sayyid Zayyan.

109. MHT 74 MHT 74 Letter. Subject not clear. The term ""slave"" used once. Possibly out of context. Verso is request for urgent reply.

110. MHT 142 MHT 142 Letter to Umar ibn Jitar regarding delivery of grain.

111. MHT 75 MHT 75 Letter to Abu al-Abbas ibn Umar. Trading of rice. Quantities specified. Addressee's name on bottom right of verso.

112. MHT 143 MHT 143 Declaration of distribution of alms tax during Eid al-Fitr Zakat; Id al-Fitr; Mali.

113. MHT 135 MHT 135 Detailed estate inventory and evaluation, with distribution to beficiaries. Deceased: Arif ibn Muhammad

114. MHT 134 MHT 134 Record of gift from a father to his daughter, including a 3 year old slave girl.

115. MHT 93 MHT 93 Letter to Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad. Asks forgiveness for one Malik. Verso contains name of the messenger Ahmad ibn […]

116. MHT 138 MHT 138 Exchange of correspondence between the writer and Muhammad ibn Sayyid al-Mukhtar regarding a financial dispute. Verso contains a reply that dispute has been resolved. Disputes

117. MHT 140 MHT 140 Inventory and evaluation of the belongings of a deceased woman, Lul Kulthum bin Abd al-Malik.

118. MHT 132 MHT 132 Letter to writer's father Ali ibn Sayyid Ziya[n?] al-Sharif, sending him a young female slave and sundry items, including rice. Slaves as gifts

119. MHT 131 MHT 131 Record of freeing of a female slave by her owner. NOTE: A slip of paper written in modern Arabic script summarizes the contents of the document.

120. MHT 130 MHT 130 Letter with detailed account of various purchases. Purchases
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