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101. MHT 196 MHT 196 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, al-Madan (full name not available). NOTE: Seems to be a continuation of a missing page.

102. MHT 67 MHT 67 Record of quarrel and revenge between families. Date cannot be determined due to tear in the page.

103. MHT 195 MHT 195

104. MHT 194 MHT 194 Question and answer about legitimacy of deceased husband's inheritance in claiming part of the deceased wife's assets.

105. MHT 69 MHT 69 Record of distribution of gold among the inheritors, with listing of names and individual amounts. Manuscript also records a dispute among those not included as beneficiaries, followed by the words of... Property disputes

106. MHT 82 MHT 82

107. MHT 168 MHT 168 Letter to Sub[hi?] ibn Sayyid Zayyan informing him that the servant that addressee's mother had sent him, confirming that the servant is not in his house.

108. MHT 120 MHT 120 Record of request by woman to scribe to document something. No specific apparent subject.

109. MHT 72 MHT 72 Fragment. Visible part lists names of inheritors of the estate of a deceased man.

110. MHT 73 MHT 73 Record of sending 2 servants from Muhammad al-Jubayri, to be accompanied by Muhammad wuld Ubayd.

111. MHT 165 MHT 165 Letter to Ahmad Baba ibn Abi al-Abbas. Record of female slave given as a gift. Slaves as gifts

112. MHT 188 MHT 188 Record of various transactions. Verso contains a prayer. Transactions

113. MHT 86 MHT 86 Declaration of freedom grated by a mistress to her female slave.

114. MHT 145 MHT 145

115. MHT 171 MHT 171 Account of inventory and distribution of the personal property of the deceased, Ammar wuld al-Bashar.

116. MHT 87 MHT 87 Record of distribution of estate of a deceased woman after deducting debts to her creditors. Inheritance

117. MHT 161 MHT 161 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Nuh Sahib al-Shaykh.

118. MHT 151 MHT 151 Letter to Ahmad ibn Muhammad regarding a complaint about some of their female slaves. Verso summary of letter in modern Arabic.

119. MHT 164 MHT 164 Record of reconciliation between brother and sister over property dispute. Reconciliation; Property disputes

120. MHT 75 MHT 75 Letter to Abu al-Abbas ibn Umar. Trading of rice. Quantities specified. Addressee's name on bottom right of verso.
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