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61. MHT 44 MHT 44 Inventory and evaluation of estate following death of Mulay Bab Sharaf ibn al-Fulami … 1898

62. MHT 43 MHT 43 Record of evaluation of estate and distribution of inheritance following death of Buti ibn Bandi ibn Jinu -- mostly slaves and rice fields a copy of the Koran.

63. MHT 42 MHT 42 Freeing of the daughter of a slave. Verso contains the scribe's fee. 1725 or 1726

64. MHT 41 MHT 41

65. MHT 40 MHT 40

66. MHT 4 MHT 4 Document certifying settlement of disagreement between husband and wife, resulting in waiver by husband of the bond of marriage. 1801 Dissolution of marriage

67. MHT 39 MHT 39 Description of legal status of different kind of wives in Islamic law with repect to inheritance, depending on whether the wife is only for pleasure or as mother and domestic partner. Women; Marriage; Islamic law; Inheritance and succession

68. MHT 38 MHT 38

69. MHT 37 MHT 37 Letter to Muhammad ibn Isa, requesting to transfer ownership of young slave from sons of Uthman to Muhammad Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad al-Shaykh. Transfer of ownership

70. MHT 36 MHT 36 Letter to a judge (Sayyid Ibn Bab al-Hajj) requesting judgment over a dispute with another person. Verso contains addressee's name and [address?] Disputes

71. MHT 35 MHT 35 Record of distribution of inheritance. 1668/9?

72. MHT 34 MHT 34

73. MHT 33 MHT 33 Lines struck through over text. Appears to be record of giving of rice and other grains to a female slave named Linat Ghummu, owned by Ibrahim ibn Bint […] Verso contains a religious phrase.

74. MHT 32 MHT 32 Declaration that Fatimah bint Abd al-Rahman gave her slave as a gift to her daughter. 1891

75. MHT 31 MHT 31 Distribution of the inheritance of Muhammad al-Mudan among his family, including his two wives, sons, daughters, nephews, brothers. A detailed account of the shares of the estate and the recipients' names.... Inheritance

76. MHT 3 MHT 3 Upper portion is cropped on the left. Eulogy to someone who was killed, probably in battle. Martyrdom

77. MHT 29 MHT 29 Letter containing an issue of exoneration for Abdal ibn Didaw, (recipient of letter). Courrier instructed to read letter to recipient. Verso contains addressee's name (Abdal ibn Didaw). Exoneration

78. MHT 28 MHT 28 Letter from Muhammad al-Salih to Ahmad Baba describing attack on Salih's slave. Verso bears seal with ""Ahmad Baba"" inscribed on it. Appears to be a confirmation of Salih's letter.

79. MHT 27 MHT 27

80. MHT 26 MHT 26 Appears to be a letter regarding value given in exchange for slaves and cattle.
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