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161. MHT 55 MHT 55 Record of claiming of ownership of slave from one Sayyid Bab Ahmad 1890 or 1891

162. MHT 56 MHT 56 Record of evaluation of estate and distribution of inheritance, including settlement of debts, following death of Ahmad ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Ismail .. .

163. MHT 57 MHT 57 Record of transfer of ownership of slaves and livestock from various persons to their children and grandchildren. 1888 or 1889 Ownership of slaves

164. MHT 58 MHT 58

165. MHT 59 MHT 59 Record of change of testimony following dispute over a servant, corroborated by witnesses. Property disputes

166. MHT 6 MHT 6 Status of sons and daughters of a female slave following her death. Distribution of her assets among her children

167. MHT 60 MHT 60 This image should be the beginning of the document. Record of evaluation and inventory of estate of the deceased, Muhammad ibn al-Shaykh, following an order issued by a local judge. Document also lists...

168. MHT 61 MHT 61 Record of freeing of a slave by his mistress, whom she marries. 1898

169. MHT 62 MHT 62 Record of freeing of slaves by their master

170. MHT 63 MHT 63 Record of sale of slave. Partial payment is accepted by seller. 1898 Selling slaves

171. MHT 64 MHT 64 Record of creator's gift of a slave and her son to his wife, as a sign of good will. Detailed description of the female slave. Text includes detailed explanation of ownership status of slaves in Islam.... 1838 Ownership of slaves

172. MHT 65 MHT 65 Purchase of a slave who was part of an inheritance 12-- H [between 1785 and 1885] Purchasing slaves

173. MHT 66 MHT 66 List of money and other assets with appropriations to various individuals. 1830 Assets

174. MHT 67 MHT 67 Record of quarrel and revenge between families. Date cannot be determined due to tear in the page.

175. MHT 68 MHT 68 Torn document. Visible part probably a record of purchase of slaves with different amounts sent to different buyers between 1880 and 1881. 1881

176. MHT 69 MHT 69 Record of distribution of gold among the inheritors, with listing of names and individual amounts. Manuscript also records a dispute among those not included as beneficiaries, followed by the words of... Property disputes

177. MHT 7 MHT 7 A detailed inventory and evaluation of the estate of [Na---] bin Bishr bint Abi Bakr al-Qayid following her death. Her estate was divided according to Islamic law among her two daughters, her brother and... 1905

178. MHT 70 MHT 70 Evaluation of estate of a deceased person and its distribution among the inheritors.

179. MHT 71 MHT 71

180. MHT 72 MHT 72 Fragment. Visible part lists names of inheritors of the estate of a deceased man.
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