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1. MHT 1 MHT 1 Declaration of a list of slaves with their individual values as part of inheritance left for the son of Ibrahim ibn al-Fa, with confirmation of receipt. Inheritance; Slaves; Africa; sources and documents

2. MHT 10 MHT 10 Donation of a dwelling (roofed passageway) 1773 or 1774

3. MHT 100 MHT 100 Instructions issued by slaveowner that his female slave should be set free after his death, and that she should not be considered as part of his estate.

4. MHT 101 MHT 101 Dispute over the status of a female slave who was given as a present and pushed into prostitution by the new owner. Original owner claims the gift is no longer valid. Slaves as gifts; Disputes

5. MHT 102 MHT 102 Marriage contract between slaves, with exchange of dowry between their owners. [between 1960 and 1969]

6. MHT 103 MHT 103 Letter from someone asking for pardon, and requesting permission to have a slave enter into a marriage contract with another one. Author's name cropped. Addressee: Uthman Sishi. Verso of letter contains...

7. MHT 104 MHT 104 Slaves as gifts from father to daughter 1883 or 1884 Slaves as gifts

8. MHT 105 MHT 105 Slaves as collateral for a loan. Verso contains an inscription. Slaves as collateral

9. MHT 106 MHT 106 Letter requesting addressee to buy a female slave for the sender and deduct her cost and all other expenses from the land's harvest. Verso is letter from same sender disagreeing with terms of purchase....

10. MHT 107 MHT 107 Addressee: Ahmad Baba ibn Sidab al-Abbas. Several subjects.

11. MHT 108 MHT 108 Letter to Muhammad al-Tahir ibn Muhammad Ahmad. Refers to someone following a group in their travel.

12. MHT 109 MHT 109

13. MHT 11 MHT 11 Distribution of slaves and livestock among daughers Fatimah and Umm Kulthum, and son Muhammad al-Bashir. 1931 or 1932 Property distribution

14. MHT 110 MHT 110 Account of two slaves appropriated illegaly. Ownership of slaves

15. MHT 111 MHT 111 Letter to writer's sons relieving them of debts with slaves.

16. MHT 112 MHT 112 Letter to Ahmad ibn Umar. Response to a request to transfer ownership of a female slave from one person to another, and the dispute that followed.

17. MHT 113 MHT 113 Account of debt expressed in value of slaves. 1896 or 1897

18. MHT 114 MHT 114 Payment for a female slave as collateral 1895

19. MHT 115 MHT 115 Records of transfer of ownership of slaves and camels by individuals to their sons. 1893 Ownership of slaves

20. MHT 116 MHT 116 Record of receipt of money in exchange for a servant, and distribution of the amount among partners. Selling servants
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