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1. MHT 3 MHT 3 Upper portion is cropped on the left. Eulogy to someone who was killed, probably in battle. Martyrdom

2. MHT 124 MHT 124 Transfer of ownership of a female slave 1904 Ownership of slaves

3. MHT 68 MHT 68 Torn document. Visible part probably a record of purchase of slaves with different amounts sent to different buyers between 1880 and 1881. 1881

4. MHT 60 MHT 60 This image should be the beginning of the document. Record of evaluation and inventory of estate of the deceased, Muhammad ibn al-Shaykh, following an order issued by a local judge. Document also lists...

5. MHT 117 MHT 117 Testimony ascertaining the good physical condition of a slave. Evaluation of slaves

6. MHT 12 MHT 12 Testament of [Aliyah?] bint Yahya that she gave possession to her nephew Isa ibn Muhammad ibn al-Mawlud her share of books left to her by her father and her share of what her daughter had given to her;... 1941 Property distribution

7. MHT 6 MHT 6 Status of sons and daughters of a female slave following her death. Distribution of her assets among her children

8. MHT 104 MHT 104 Slaves as gifts from father to daughter 1883 or 1884 Slaves as gifts

9. MHT 105 MHT 105 Slaves as collateral for a loan. Verso contains an inscription. Slaves as collateral

10. MHT 18 MHT 18 Sharing of servant between brother and sister 1949 Property distribution

11. MHT 115 MHT 115 Records of transfer of ownership of slaves and camels by individuals to their sons. 1893 Ownership of slaves

12. MHT 139 MHT 139 Record that Alal ibn Sayyid Muhammad ibn al-Habib granted to his wife his female slave as a gift for the purpose of reconciliation. 1898 Reconciliation; Disputes

13. MHT 188 MHT 188 Record of various transactions. Verso contains a prayer. Transactions

14. MHT 166 MHT 166 Record of various transactions in the purchase and sale of assets. Transactions

15. MHT 202 MHT 202 Record of various people taking into their charge slaves and other forms of property.

16. MHT 203 MHT 203 Record of various people taking into their charge slaves and other forms of property.

17. MHT 128 MHT 128 Record of various payments to settle debts and in exchange for slaves.

18. MHT 57 MHT 57 Record of transfer of ownership of slaves and livestock from various persons to their children and grandchildren. 1888 or 1889 Ownership of slaves

19. MHT 158 MHT 158 Record of transfer of ownership of 2 female slaves to donor's daughters. This portion of document is statement by notary in confirmation of its contents. 1857 or 1858 Ownership of slaves; Slaves as gifts

20. MHT 52 MHT 52 Record of slave donation by a woman to one Ibn Mawlud. 1721 or 1722
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