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81. MHT 31 MHT 31 Distribution of the inheritance of Muhammad al-Mudan among his family, including his two wives, sons, daughters, nephews, brothers. A detailed account of the shares of the estate and the recipients' names.... Inheritance

82. MHT 4 MHT 4 Document certifying settlement of disagreement between husband and wife, resulting in waiver by husband of the bond of marriage. 1801 Dissolution of marriage

83. MHT 16 MHT 16 Document is cropped. Visible section showing exchange of property items: camel, cow and male slave following death of a person. Property dispute

84. MHT 10 MHT 10 Donation of a dwelling (roofed passageway) 1773 or 1774

85. MHT 70 MHT 70 Evaluation of estate of a deceased person and its distribution among the inheritors.

86. MHT 144 MHT 144 Evaluation of estate of the deceased Abu Uthman and distribution of the inheritance among his inheritors. 1901 or 1902

87. MHT 153 MHT 153 Evaluation of estate of the deceased Ahmad ibn al-Qaid and distribution of the inheritance among his inheritors. 1932

88. MHT 138 MHT 138 Exchange of correspondence between the writer and Muhammad ibn Sayyid al-Mukhtar regarding a financial dispute. Verso contains a reply that dispute has been resolved. Disputes

89. MHT 25 MHT 25 Exchange of money, rice, and semi-precious stones between a master and his female slave. Slave's relations to master

90. MHT 221 MHT 221 Four separate documents containing accounts of inventory and distribution of the estate of deceased whose names do not appear in the documents.

91. MHT 72 MHT 72 Fragment. Visible part lists names of inheritors of the estate of a deceased man.

92. MHT 187 MHT 187 Freeing of a female slave by owners Imbarak ibn Farrraj and his wife. 1913

93. MHT 42 MHT 42 Freeing of the daughter of a slave. Verso contains the scribe's fee. 1725 or 1726

94. MHT 118 MHT 118 Granting freedom to a young female slave 1918

95. MHT 100 MHT 100 Instructions issued by slaveowner that his female slave should be set free after his death, and that she should not be considered as part of his estate.

96. MHT 44 MHT 44 Inventory and evaluation of estate following death of Mulay Bab Sharaf ibn al-Fulami … 1898

97. MHT 140 MHT 140 Inventory and evaluation of the belongings of a deceased woman, Lul Kulthum bin Abd al-Malik.

98. MHT 22 MHT 22 Judgment in a dispute between a man and a woman over a female slave, granting the man's share to the woman. Property dispute; distribution

99. MHT 15 MHT 15 Legible whole words: line 1 refers to the name, Ahmad, ruler of [..] -- line 2 […] Allah willing.

100. MHT 51 MHT 51 Letter complaining about addressee's slave and what he did to her servant. Addressee: Yakamit bint Araf. Verso contains an address.
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