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61. MHT 138 MHT 138 Exchange of correspondence between the writer and Muhammad ibn Sayyid al-Mukhtar regarding a financial dispute. Verso contains a reply that dispute has been resolved. Disputes

62. MHT 122 MHT 122 Record of a transaction involving two slaves, interrupted by illness of one of the parties. Business transactions

63. MHT 53 MHT 53 Record of despatch of goods and money to various individuals Business transactions

64. MHT 189 MHT 189 Bargaining over a female slave between Qayid ibn Bab Sayyid and his sister Ya bint Baba Sayyid. Bargaining

65. MHT 167 MHT 167 Confirmation that Ammar ibn Sayyid Ali issued a third of his assets to his son Ahmad, and that he gave his daughter 2 female slaves. 1866 Assets; Sharing

66. MHT 66 MHT 66 List of money and other assets with appropriations to various individuals. 1830 Assets

67. MHT 129 MHT 129 Letter to addressed to her father regarding payments in gold weights for purchase of jewelry. [1937?]

68. MHT 197 MHT 197 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Muhammad al-Madan. Document could be linked to 196.

69. MHT 195 MHT 195

70. MHT 193 MHT 193 Record of donating a house by Bint Fandagham to her freedman Muhammad al-Mahan, declaring full ownership. Verso contains scribe's signature. 1905

71. MHT 159 MHT 159 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Fatimah Darambi bint Bab Uthman.

72. MHT 191 MHT 191 Record of damage to property caused by Sarriyah, daughter of Ghadad ibn Suyuti al-Tanbakti and compensation through purchase of damaged property. 1871 or 1872

73. MHT 135 MHT 135 Detailed estate inventory and evaluation, with distribution to beficiaries. Deceased: Arif ibn Muhammad

74. MHT 173 MHT 173 Letter to Afdal bani Adnan. Subject is marrying a female slave and granting her her freedom. 1946 or 1947

75. MHT 172 MHT 172 Account of inventory and distribution of the personal property of the deceased, Bashir ibn Amir Yakat.

76. MHT 140 MHT 140 Inventory and evaluation of the belongings of a deceased woman, Lul Kulthum bin Abd al-Malik.

77. MHT 157 MHT 157 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Bab Muhammad ibn al-Qayid Muhammad al-Sanawari. Monetary units used are Francs and Riyals. 1902

78. MHT 168 MHT 168 Letter to Sub[hi?] ibn Sayyid Zayyan informing him that the servant that addressee's mother had sent him, confirming that the servant is not in his house.

79. MHT 161 MHT 161 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Nuh Sahib al-Shaykh.

80. MHT 155 MHT 155 Letter. Account of distribution of inheritance to beneficiaries.
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