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181. MHT 12 MHT 12 Testament of [Aliyah?] bint Yahya that she gave possession to her nephew Isa ibn Muhammad ibn al-Mawlud her share of books left to her by her father and her share of what her daughter had given to her;... 1941 Property distribution

182. MHT 18 MHT 18 Sharing of servant between brother and sister 1949 Property distribution

183. MHT 11 MHT 11 Distribution of slaves and livestock among daughers Fatimah and Umm Kulthum, and son Muhammad al-Bashir. 1931 or 1932 Property distribution

184. MHT 21 MHT 21 Distribution of slave's value among family members. Property distribution

185. MHT 130 MHT 130 Letter with detailed account of various purchases. Purchases

186. MHT 192 MHT 192 Purchase and amounts owed. Verso contains document creator's signature. 1880 Purchases

187. MHT 65 MHT 65 Purchase of a slave who was part of an inheritance 12-- H [between 1785 and 1885] Purchasing slaves

188. MHT 45 MHT 45 Record of purchase of a female slave for 18 goldweight. Purchasing slaves

189. MHT 126 MHT 126 Letter to Ibrahim wuld Iswaylid al-Takni, requesting him to purchase slaves from their present owner. Purchasing slaves

190. MHT 139 MHT 139 Record that Alal ibn Sayyid Muhammad ibn al-Habib granted to his wife his female slave as a gift for the purpose of reconciliation. 1898 Reconciliation; Disputes

191. MHT 164 MHT 164 Record of reconciliation between brother and sister over property dispute. Reconciliation; Property disputes

192. MHT 116 MHT 116 Record of receipt of money in exchange for a servant, and distribution of the amount among partners. Selling servants

193. MHT 190 MHT 190 Account of the events revolving around the sale of a female slave Selling slaves

194. MHT 63 MHT 63 Record of sale of slave. Partial payment is accepted by seller. 1898 Selling slaves

195. MHT 2 MHT 2 A list of witnesses attesting to the distribution of shares among three women (Aliyah, Fatimah and Raqiyah) Shares; Property distribution; Ownership; Women

196. MHT 25 MHT 25 Exchange of money, rice, and semi-precious stones between a master and his female slave. Slave's relations to master

197. MHT 105 MHT 105 Slaves as collateral for a loan. Verso contains an inscription. Slaves as collateral

198. MHT 104 MHT 104 Slaves as gifts from father to daughter 1883 or 1884 Slaves as gifts

199. MHT 78 MHT 78 Record of gifts from father to son on occasion of birthday. Gifts include slaves and servants. 1891 or 1892 Slaves as gifts

200. MHT 14 MHT 14 Purchase of a young slave as gift for a daughter. Slaves as gifts
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