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81. MHT 47 MHT 47 Declaration of freedom granted by Yaqub ibn al-Fa al-Amin to his slaves and their daughters, and that their affairs are to be dealt with by the son of the owner.

82. MHT 152 MHT 152 Record of land appropriated to Kalsak ibn Bali, prince of Buram, to be transferred to his son and grandson after his death.

83. MHT 8 MHT 8

84. MHT 137 MHT 137 Letter to Uthman al-Alam regarding a female slave as part of an inheritance.

85. MHT 123 MHT 123 Letter to Tijani ibn S. Muhammad. Deals with marriage of a female slave, and dispute over ownership of her children. Property dispute

86. MHT 91 MHT 91 Appears to be continuation of another page. Document details account of items given to sons of certain individuals.

87. MHT 122 MHT 122 Record of a transaction involving two slaves, interrupted by illness of one of the parties. Business transactions

88. MHT 53 MHT 53 Record of despatch of goods and money to various individuals Business transactions

89. MHT 162 MHT 162

90. MHT 121 MHT 121 Letter to a Timbuktu judge.Request for transfer of debts from a freed female slave to the writer. Verso contains addressee's name and [name of letter carrier?]

91. MHT 138 MHT 138 Exchange of correspondence between the writer and Muhammad ibn Sayyid al-Mukhtar regarding a financial dispute. Verso contains a reply that dispute has been resolved. Disputes

92. MHT 211 MHT 211 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Muhammad al-Madan ibn Bas.

93. MHT 13 MHT 13 Dispute between brothers over ownership of a slave Property dispute

94. MHT 25 MHT 25 Exchange of money, rice, and semi-precious stones between a master and his female slave. Slave's relations to master

95. MHT 119 MHT 119 Letter to a judge. Document is cropped. Reference to a slave owned by writer's sister. Verso contains an illustration.

96. MHT 135 MHT 135 Detailed estate inventory and evaluation, with distribution to beficiaries. Deceased: Arif ibn Muhammad

97. MHT 134 MHT 134 Record of gift from a father to his daughter, including a 3 year old slave girl.

98. MHT 198 MHT 198 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased -- appears to be a portion of a document.

99. MHT 50 MHT 50 Letter.Complaints and other matters. Addressee: Ahmad ibn Mahmud al-Nasiri.

100. MHT 197 MHT 197 Account of inventory and distribution of the estate of the deceased, Muhammad al-Madan. Document could be linked to 196.
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